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1. How do people usually get all their guests to the ceremony if in Innes National Park?
They go through a bus service run by Scott Nadebaum and DV Lehmann, PH.08 8854 6544. Each bus fits 49 guests and they have enough buses to transfer up to 150 guests. Costs vary due to time waiting and distance travelled but they are by far the cheapest company to use as they operate just out of Marion Bay. They can also organise the liquor license so your guests can have a drink or two on the beach/in the bus etc after the ceremony.

2. Setting up of the ceremony seats etc?
Do we organize someone to do this ourselves or is this provided by someone over there?
It would be up to you to organize set up of the ceremony but if you struggle to find anyone to do this we can organize one of our staff members to do this for a fee (only for their time) we will just need to know what you are after and they can quote you how long it would take and costs.

3. What happens with the charge to enter the National Park when there’s a wedding?
If people go by cars will they all have to pay? How does this apply with buses?

Any car entering the National Park must pay a fee to enter. If your guests are entering via the bus the National Park charges $3.00 per person that most guests are happy to pay if they know about it before hand. If you call the national park on PH: 8854 3200 one of the ranges will be able to help you further.

4. Is a permit/council permission needed to use beach? Does this ensure there’s no one else at Dolphin Bay in the afternoon?
You will not need a permit to use the beach and there is no way to ensure that no-one else will enter the beach however, I would be surprised if you have many or any people not part of your wedding enter the beach as the national park is so big no beach ever gets crowded (excluding surfing beaches).



1. Noise Curfew for DJ?
No curfew, however we will need to monitor noise due to the fact that there is accommodation close by.

2. Curfew for guests to leave?
Service stops at midnight and guests have 45 minutes from then to exit.

3. Can an extended license be organised if desired?
We can arrange for an extended license of up to an hour if you require.

4. Would guests enter from the beer- garden so can have a proper entrance set-up without seeing the people from the front bar?
We will definitely set up an entrance that only the wedding party and guests will enter from.

5. What is the bar partitioned off with? Will it be very noisy etc?
The bar is portioned off with white tulle/curtain so it is not sound proof however, anyone entering the Tavern will not be allowed to use the jukebox so noise should not be a problem.

6. We will not hold any weddings on public holiday weekends or in January as it gets too busy to close off the restaurant to the general public.



1. What happens when it comes to accommodation for our guests?
You will need to liaise with one of the ladies that deal with bulk accommodation in Marion Bay but they are all very helpful and should make this easy for you.
The links below should help:

There is a beautiful house at Ponde in the Nation Park situated on a hill that is also available. If someone wants to book this they just need to call Lucy on (08) 8854 4045. Remember also that the bride and groom get to stay in a room in the Marion Bay Motel on the night of the wedding for free.

2. How early would accommodation need to be booked before wedding?
As soon as possible so your guests all have somewhere nice to stay. Once you have decided on Marion Bay you could give all the guests a list of contacts so that they can arrange their accommodation.

3. Would we need to contact each house/shack owner for rent ourselves or is there someone there who you can go through for all this?
Use the links above and they will help you with this.

4. Is there enough accommodation for 150 people?
Definitely if you book early enough.



1. Hair & Makeup?
For hair and makeup in Marion Bay you can call Kristy Mogridge on PH: 0447 224 003, she also does photograph(see list item 5). If she is not availible then in past brides have had thier hair and makeup by bringing artists up from Adelaide. Note: This may require you to pay for their accommodation for the night.
Alternatley, Beauty On Yorkes, 2/19 Main St, Minlaton S.A. 5575, PH: (08) 8853 2883‎; may also be able to help.

2. Is there a florist in a near by town?
There is a florist in Yorketown, Minlaton and Kadina.

S.Y.P. Florist - Yorketown

Minlaton Florist and Emporium
63 Main Street Minlaton
(08) 8853 2492

3. Do people usually get DJ’s from Adelaide or is there one close by?
All previous weddings have had DJ's come from Adelaide and costs can vary. The DJ will be provided dinner but you will need to pay for his/her accommodation which, for example, could be a cabin at the caravan park for $80 per night. Chris Kokotis of Class A Music is based in Port Pirie and services the Yorke Peninsula; more information can be found out about his services at this website:

Tavern owner Josh Harkin previously managed the Alma Hotel in Adelaide, so if need be he is more than happy to contact a good DJ for your Wedding/Function from Adelaide that would be willing to come over.

4. Celebrants
The best celebrant on the peninsula is Aileen Rooney and she lives in Marion Bay which is a bonus, you can find her details and info here.
Alternately, another celebrant to contact is: John Hawke, Phone: 0458 894 444,

5. Photographers
For Photography information, go to:

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